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Used Cars for Parts | Northbay | Sudbury | Timmins | Sault Ste Marie

Used cars for parts is a great way to find affordable pieces to upgrade your vehicle. However, it is not always easy finding the correct make and model of each vehicle. When taking into account the different years a car was made, there become literally hundreds and thousands of vehicles to sort through in order to find your part. If you don't know where to look, this process to find the right used car for parts can take weeks and you still may be left with nothing to show for it once your looking is over.

Auto Parts Central takes the hassle out of looking for parts. We keep meticulous records of which vehicles, makes, models, and years enter our lots. This allows us to pull up in a database all the information we need on finding used auto parts for your car. So, when you come into one of our locations, we will sit with you and figure out exactly where our inventory of parts are that you need for your vehicle. If we do not have it at the location you visit, we will get it for you and make sure you are back up and running as soon as possible.

Are you about to junk a car? Are you tired of driving it and wanted to move on to another vehicle? Drop your car off with us and we will divide it up, clean it, and figure out which parts are useful for others looking to fix their cars or trucks. Anything we can't use, we will dispose of and recycle so that your vehicle does not end up in a landfill somewhere. The parts of your used car can then become the treasured pieces needed by another owner.

Did you get rear ended? Did you bump into a pole? Did you just have something in the engine go out?

Auto Parts Central is the place to go for all your used car parts needs. We have thousands of used cars for parts on our lots and would be more than happy to help you navigate and find exactly what it is you are looking for. Just stop by one of our greater North Bay, Ontario locations. We will find any part you need on our lot or we will find it for you.

The better you treat your vehicle, the better it will treat you. When it comes time for used engine parts, the time is determined by how well looked after engine has been. A poorly treated engine means you may need used engine parts quicker than you had anticipated. An engine that's been well looked after will hold out far longer than a poorly treated engine. When you're ready for used engine parts, Auto Parts Central has all the used engine parts you will ever need and at comparable prices, great warranty and quality tested for dependability.

In Auto Parts Central's massive inventory we carry used engine parts based on engine size, engine horsepower and engine torque. Auto Parts Central has used engine parts for engines with four cylinders six cylinders, eight cylinders, twelve cylinders or more cylinders, the more cylinders the more horsepower, the more fuel the engine burns to generate more horsepower and the torque needed to pull heavy loads. No matter what you need, we have the used cars for parts!