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Used Alternators are available via Auto Parts Central at any of its greater North Bay locations. If you have an alternator that needs to be replaced, we can provide a used alternator that can get you back to running again. So, no matter what the make or model, stop by and check out our inventory. Don't just stop that the used alternators though! We have a huge selection of used auto parts that can help fix up any car or truck into working order.

An alternator is the part of the car that recharged the battery in your car so that you can run electrical components such as: headlights, air conditioners, radios, electric windows, wipers, brake lights, and more. If it's electric, it needs your battery. If it uses your battery, you should have a working alternator. Our used alternators are a great substitute to buying brand new auto parts.

Any alternator uses the mechanical energy of the vehicle to produce electrical energy to charge your battery. While the wheels are turning, the car is generating electricity that will keep other things in your car running smoothly. Having an alternator is very much like having your very own mini power station in your car. Its importance is paramount in the ability to maintain a great vehicle.

Without getting into too much detail, most alternators are made up of the equivalent of three mini alternators. As an alternator starts to go bad, it is not likely to fail suddenly, but rather in stages. This gives you plenty of time to buy a used alternator from Auto Parts Central before you are stranded somewhere unable to start your car.

If your battery is not appearing to keep its charge, then it could be the alternator at fault. But it could be other things too. The belt that drives the alternator could be slipping, or broken. Or the battery itself could simply be at the end of its life. A properly operating alternator depends on many little components all working together. When this happens, you will have your very own little miracle power station under the hood of your car.

Auto Parts Central has used alternators, used engine parts, used body parts for your vehicle, and even used truck beds that you can pilfer through to find what you need. Our used alternators can be found for any make or model of vehicle and we will be happy to assist you in finding what you need when you join us at either of our locations in the greater North Bay, Ontario area.